First Take: The View from the Summit, Channeling the Nation's Frustration, Cat Show!

Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 11:49 AM

Republican Congressional leadership, including Rep. John Boehner (L), Sen. Jon Kyl (2nd R) and Rep. Eric Cantor (R) speak about the upcoming healthcare summit with President Obama (SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images/Getty)

UPDATED 7:00 p.m

Alex Goldmark, Senior Producer here. The heavy snow here in New York City has knocked our our satellite links; we have no TV, no wire services, but hey, we can blog and make phone calls. 

One new addition to the show deals with the shootings after Hurricane Katrina. We're following up on the disturbing revelations out of New Orleans about a police cover-up of shootings. There has been some great reporting from Pro-Publica and The Times Picayune, so we'll hear from one of the reporters and find out what the local reaction has been with a chat with a leader from the local NAACP. 

In lighter news, we're compiling a list of Olympic highlights - and lowlights too - to share with you tomorrow. If you have some of your own, leave a comment, or call us at 877-8-MY-TAKE. See which ones we pick tomorrow morning. We'll also have a little number on why curling is all the rage ... on Wall Street.

It's still Friday, so yes, we will have a movie segment a week ahead of the Oscars. We'll tell you what you need to do (instead of watching) to come up to speed on all the nominations by the time the big show hits the stage/screen/etc. 


POSTED 12:45 p.m. Anna Sale here on the day shift.

It's like a political funhouse in here. The health care summit is offically open and all the TV screens are showing the same angles of the same politicians as they lay out their arguments for different approaches to overhauling health care. "Political theater" or not, I have to say, it's fascinating to watch because I'm not sure I've seen anything like it before. We previewed the guest list and the stage blocking this morning. Tomorrow, we'll have all the highlights, plus we'll fact check various claims that get made during the six hours of conversation.

We'll wrap up our series Frustration Nation tomorrow. We've been hearing from a lot of you, and we're going to try our darndest to end the week less frustrated. We're going through all the ideas you've offered, and we're reaching out to thinkers and players to get their ideas for possible solutions. Some ideas may be totally practical, others may be pie in the sky, but we'll discuss all of them tomorrow.

In our weekly look at movies, we'll give you a pre-Oscar to-do list so you'll be totally prepared to make informed picks before the Academy Awards on March 7.

Finally, for all you cat lovers out there, your time has arrived. We heard from a lot of you after The Takeaway Dog Show. Tomorrow, we'll take a look at the science behind cat people versus dog people, and announce details about our next online contest — The Takeaway Cat Show. (I'm allergic, so be warned: only the hairless cats will get my vote.)


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