American Muslims and the 2012 Election

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

One Takeaway from Monday night's Republican presidential debate was a religious one. Businessman Herman Cain was pressed on earlier statements he made saying he would not appoint a Muslim to his administration, unless they passed a loyalty test. Cain, who continues to rise in polls, clarified that he said he would not be comfortable having a Muslim in his administration – not that he wouldn’t appoint one.

Are Muslim Americans the next voting bloc to be courted?

Two active Muslim Republicans, Mohamed Elibiary and Suhail Khan take a look at the candidates.


Mohamed Elibiary and Suhail Khan

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Arwa Gunja

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Who is this guy? Herman Who??

Jun. 16 2011 10:59 AM
Republican Muslim from Michigan

As a general rule, Muslims are in the tank for the Democrats as much as blacks are, so there isn't a lot of courting to do.

Islamophobia makes me sick, but before we get too angry at Americans for being afraid of Muslims, we should understand why they are. At only 2% of the population, most Americans never met one of us, and the only images they see in the papers and on TV are of Muslims carrying signs that say Death to America, Behead Those Who Insult Islam, and the like. No one refutes that image. You don't see Muslim leaders taking the initiative in the US to say that's not who we are, or that we denounce terrorism. People are becoming brainwashed about us, and most of us sit quietly by and do nothing about it.

I'm not blaming the victims here. I am simply urging that we do more to reach out to the media and the public and tell them who we really are. Contact the candidates who are selling fear and ask for a chance to be heard, because they need to be educated.

I wrote to Herman Cain a day or two before he publicly backtracked on his statement about Muslims, so at least he's listening. And at least he's honest enough to say what he's uncomfortable about.

Instead of complaining that everyone hates us, I suggest that we become more public and give people a chance to know what it really means to be a Muslim - we're not like the caricature of what they see on TV.

All minorities face discrimination until people get used to them and have their fears alleviated. I'm trying to alleviate those fears.

Jun. 15 2011 09:33 AM

Will it suddenly become appropriate to stoke fear and ridicule of religious faith when Romney's Mormonism or Perry's Christianity is the subject?
Isn't this defense or derision of certain faiths based more on politics than piety?

Jun. 15 2011 08:31 AM
Stavros from Atkinson NH

How did you find that firecracker from Brainerd? Didn't you watch the movie Fargo?

Jun. 15 2011 07:08 AM

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