Republicans Spar at Presidential Debate

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

GOP presidential hopefuls debate in South Carolina in January 2008. (AFP/Getty Images)

The Republican presidential candidates squared off last night in New Hampshire. It wasn’t the first debate – South Carolina beat the state to the punch. But it was the first one with former Massachusetts governor and front-runner Mitt Romney on stage, and a litmus test for Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann.

Todd Zwillich, Takeaway Washington correspondent reports on the debate. Former GOP New Hampshire state legislator and conservative political consultant Fran Wendelboe also gives her reaction.


Fran Wendelboe

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Todd Zwillich

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Mark from Bronx

It has been the worst debate ever conducted. The Fox News South Carolina GOP debate was way better. I think this was an attempt by CNN to give Obama an edge. Seriously.. "This or That?" Ron Paul's expression to his "Blackberry or IPhone" question pretty much summed up how I felt about the whole event. John King is a total hack. And it's repulsive that Gary Johnson was intentionally left out of the debate because he supports marijuana legalization. Ron Paul has the same views on the drug war, so why wasn't he excluded?

Jun. 15 2011 03:35 AM

The Republicans have the advantage of choosing their best candidate from several people over several months. The Democrats are stuck with one person with a flawed record that shows no real signs of improving or changing.

Jun. 14 2011 06:15 PM
John from Atlanta

I disagree with the observation on Pawlenty. I do not see him as a serious candidate or electable. Also, Bachman did well however, she also did not come across as substantive. More of the cheerleader candidate. Romney did not hurt himself and I think Newt despite the scowl and the distracting hand gestures that made him come across a little like a preacher did well. He was the most substantive and gave real answers and I like that he stood his ground on the Ryan plan question.

Jun. 14 2011 10:40 AM
Online Home Inspector from

The only one I liked was Mitt Romney and he discuss on healthcare...what’s up with that..And I know some Muslim people and they are nicer than most Americans.

Jun. 14 2011 10:16 AM

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