In Zambia, A Mission to Make Medicine as Widespread as Coca-Cola

Friday, June 10, 2011

Coca-Cola is available nearly everywhere in the world, including many remote places in Africa, such as throughout the landlocked country of Zambia. What if medications for HIV and malaria were as cheap, widely available and heavily distributed as Coke? That's the thinking behind ColaLife, a project founded by Simon Berry, who has been an aid worker in Africa for years. Berry speaks with us about his organization.

If you can get a bottle of coke anywhere in Africa - could it not also be used to drugs to fight things like HIV and malaria?  The project is piloted in Zambia - and man behind it all is SIMON BERRY. He's the founder of ColaLife.


Simon Berry

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Rupert Allman

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David Elliott from England

Hi Simon

This sounds like a great initiative. Do you have a website? I know a Zambian who has recently died, a man younger and fitter then myself and who, I suspect, wuld have survived had he lived in the West and had access to the correct medicines. I was thinking of trying to set up a charity to raise finds to obtain and deliver medicines at cost to Zambia. Does this overlap with your work? Any tips?



Jan. 03 2012 05:34 AM

It was really good to be part of The Take Away today - thanks for having me. A point I wish I'd made is that more under-5 children die from diarrhea (15%) than Malaria (8%), HIV/AIDS (2%) and Measles (1%) put together.

This is why our partners in Zambia (one of the countries Hilary Clinton is visiting) have decided to use this channel to distribute an Anti-Diarrhea Kit in the first trial of the idea which we plan to start towards the end of the year. We now have a detailed plan and fundraising starts on Monday!


Jun. 10 2011 01:14 PM

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