Getting a New Car? Pay Attention to Your Loan

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Cars waiting for a buyer in Weston, FL. (emilio labrador/flickr)

Takeaway contributor, Beth Kobliner is concerned about subprime car loans. The loans allow buyers with low credit scores to find a way to pay for their cars, even if this means that they are taking on loans with high interest rates. As a car buyer, says Beth Kobliner, pay attention to your credit score; if you have good credit, be sure to find a loan that is right for you.

Brian Willian, Sales Manager at the Albany Honda Car Dealership in Albany, Ga. has seen an increase in subprime loans and while he is concerned for his buyers, he also knows that it's important for people to be able to buy cars.


Beth Kobliner and Brian Willian

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