Reflecting on Jack Kevorkian, Dead at Age 83

Friday, June 03, 2011

Dr. Jack Kevorkian died at age 83 Friday morning at a Michigan hospital. Kevorkian was a controversial figure; outspoken on assisted suicide, the doctor said he helped 130 people who had chosen to end their lives. Terry Youk's brother, Thomas, was euthanized in 1998 with the help of Jack Kevorkian. He supported his brothers challenging decision. Professor of political science at Dickinson College, Jim Hoefler is an expert in biomedical ethics and end-of -life decision making. He says that Jack Kevorkian "muddied the waters" in the end-of-life debate by choosing to help people who weren't in dire circumstances.


Jim Hoefler and Terry Youk

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Sandy from New York

I was upset to hear Celeste Headley applaud jack kevorkian's for "standing up for his convictions", as though there is even a hint of merit for what he did. Many criminals also "stand up for their convictions" (ie, they are without remorse for their actions), the Nazis also stood up for their convictions to "euthenize" (read: murder) people.
Why wasnt jack kevorkian helped to die sooner? Surely he was also frail recently? He knew very well that this wasnt the right thing to do, yet he preyed on the broken down, frail and suffering individuals under the guise of "helping" them.

I have come to expect from WNYC the touting and approval of pop culture and fads, regardless of their grounding in morality. So, your comment is to be expected.

Jun. 03 2011 11:20 AM

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