World No Tobacco Day: Your Responses

Tuesday, May 31, 2011 - 04:31 PM

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It's World No Tobacco Day, and we've been talking about new questions on smoking, like whether or not vilifying smokers is as effective as finding healthier ways to give people their nicotine fix. We've also been hearing a lot from you on your own battles with smoking addiction: how you quit, or why you didn't. We're still getting responses, and in honor of the day, we wanted to post some more of your thoughts, along with a look at anti-smoking campaigns and commercials over the years. Take a look. 

Here are some of your own responses: 

Terry from Okla.:

I myself had been a smoker for many years. I was raised in a family of smokers so it was just natural for me to follow suit. But for me the thing that really helped was I found Swedish snus. This is a clean alternative that still delivers tobacco without spitting and without side effects. 

Brett from Denver, Colo. 

It's been very difficult for me to quit and I tried many times. But the last time I finally quit I did it through hypnosis, which was really surprising and really a wonderful experience I guess you could say. It was odd and amazing at the same time, but it definitely works and though I've smoked a few times since then, it's the one thing I've found that helped me quit.  

Angelee from New York City:

One of the reasons that I was able to quit, was when I became sick and had to stop smoking anyway, was language. David Sedaris, in "When You Are Engulfed in Flames," had a story where someone mentioned that they are finished with smoking. And he talks about how that language "finished with smoking," having a certain number of cigarettes in one day having smoked them all, helped him quit. The same was true for me.

Marina from Fla. 

I quit smoking about a year ago because I had a little spot in my right lung. ....I feel a little bit better in the sense that I can walk longer and can run up the stairs a little bit more. But I was kind of disappointed.  

Robert from Oklahoma City: 

Cold turkey is the way to go, and just don't ever give up. 


And for those of you who are still trying, or who have an anti-smoking message to pass on to someone else, here are a few videos of possible encouragement: 


An award-winning musical take on the dangers of smoking: 

Anti-smoking message from pro-wrestling personality Ultimate Warrior:

An anti-smoking commercial that employs a simple message delivered by an upset child: 

A graphic Australian anti-smoking commercial that uses modern film technology to show smoking's impact on the eyes: 

A PSA from 1986 that apparently aired during "Miami Vice," with an 80s rock soundtrack to boot: 

In a rare occurrence, the makers of "Star Wars" allowed the use of two of our favorite robots for this anti-smoking message: 


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