Your Take: How Do You Quit Smoking?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Today is "World No Tobacco Day" and we are asking you how you quit smoking. Listeners have been weighing in:

Victoria Heuer writes on Facebook: My quit day was Dec. 14, last. I was sick of being controlled by the addiction, sick of the money and guilt it took to continue smoking, knowing that every pack was money for food (and other things) for my son.

Stephen Barrett writes: I quit smoking by giving up one cigarette at a time, most importantly the first one of the day. The longer you postpone that first cigarette, the closer you get to quitting. Eventually, you go a full day without smoking, and then another, and so on. All it takes is discipline and a very real desire to kick the habit.

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Victoria from Miami

After nearly two decades of hardcore( like 2 packs a day) smoking, I finally gave it up with acupuncture treatments, herbs and a kind of eucalyptus smelling aid. The combo really helped take away the cravings. It was not a breeze but the worst was over in three or four days. I am so much happier, cleaner, healthier and even thinner than before! I let myself gain weight for a year before tackling that battle. Acupuncture alone did not work for me. Neither did hypnosis, shots or any of the myriad cures I tried.

May. 31 2011 09:17 AM

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