Patriot Act Extension Ignites Debate on Capitol Hill

Friday, May 27, 2011

A sign protesting the USA Patriot Act is displayed near the White House on Capitol Hill. (Flickr user: Mlliu/flickr)

On the Senate floor, Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky sought to single-handedly block a vote which would extend two sections of the Patriot Act and a related intelligence law set to expire on Thursday night. The Senator's opinion stood in opposition to the majority of both parties who hoped to approve a four year extension. Senator Paul objected to majority leader Harry Reid’s "hurry-up" vote, which would not allow votes on several proposed amendments. Julian Sanchez is a research fellow at the CATO institute where he focuses primarily on issues of civil liberty, surveillance, intelligence and national security. He drills down into the Patriot Act renewal.


Julian Sanchez

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