Democrat Kathy Hochul Wins New York's 26th District Seat

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Democrat Kathy Hochul will be representing New York’s 26th congressional district in Congress. The Erie County clerk won in a special election Tuesday defeating Assemblywoman Jane Corwin (R) and businessman Jack Davis, who was running under the banner of the Tea Party. New York's 26th District — formerly represented by Rep. Chris Lee (R), who resigned after a shirtless picture appeared on the Internet — is economically struggling, and has an older electorate than the national average. Democrats have called the election a "referendum" on Paul Ryan's plan to reform Medicare.

Anna Sale, reporter for WNYC's politics website, It's a Free Country, has just returned from the district.


Anna Sale

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Once again, The Takeaway's producers have tilted the entire presentation of this story, with the selection of a single "guest." Who gets a welcoming direct exam from the hosts, if the guest is from the left, or a hostile cross-examination, if the guest is from the right.

John McCormack of the Weekly Standard addressed this race very well. He points out that the margin of victory in the District was only half of the vote total held by the fraudulent "Tea Party" candidate Jack Davis. And that once again, the New York Republican Party had made things much more difficult with the selection of an oddly-positioned candidate and a disillusioned base.

Kathy Hochul got just about 47% of the vote.

May. 25 2011 03:04 PM

this pre-boomer war baby thinks that generational warfare is the only way the top income earners can avoid a class warfare on their continually increasing percentage of national wealth. Like the middle class doesn't earn that money for them. Operate those corporations with only $1,000,000+ earners. Don't get sucked in by zero taxes as an objective. Our (your) government is your insurance company.

May. 25 2011 12:29 PM

This just proves that the "greatest generation" and the "boomers" have no problems funding their retirement by creating a huge debt for the future. AND they have the votes to make it so.

May. 25 2011 09:33 AM
Am-Hate Radio from Atlanta, Georgia

Prior To Hochul Winning NY-26, Congressman Paul Ryan Said That This Vote was a Referendum on His MediCare Voucher System..

Today, i bet he wished, he hadn't said that.

Governor Chris Cristie, Referendum on his Presidential Run was Dashed as well as Paul Ryan.

What would you Expect, a Call from Chris Cristie Versus a Call from Bill Clinton.

Clinton will Win that Hands Up Or Down.

Great Night

May. 25 2011 07:10 AM

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