Severe Spring: 2011 Weather Raises More Global Warming Questions

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Satellite image from NOAA showing massive winter storm crossing the U.S. Satellite image from NOAA showing massive winter storm crossing the U.S. (NOAA/Getty)

From the tornadoes in Joplin, to a record drought in Texas and the floods in Mississippi, and giant earthquakes off the coast of Japan, why is the Spring of 2011 so terrifying and terrible? Is our environment really getting scarier, or is it just our short-term memory? Professor Katharine Hayhoe is an atmospheric scientist at Texas Tech University and author of "A Climate for Change: Global Warming Facts for Faith-Based Decisions." She says our unpredictable spring is part of climate change and that Spring is coming earlier and earlier each year.


Katherine Hayhoe

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This is actually a very interesting question: Is Rev. Harold (Saturday "Rapture") Camping a "Christian Al Gore"?

I'm not sure I like the phrasing of that question; it seems insulting to Christians at large, to compare them to the hysterical Rev. Camping, or the hysterical Al Gore.

But James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal's online column wrote this fascinating comparison:

"Something else bothers us about the media mockery of Harold Camping, as justifiable as it may be. Why are only religious doomsday cultists subjected to such ridicule? Reuters notes that "Camping previously made a failed prediction Jesus Christ would return to Earth in 1994." Ha ha, you can't believe anything this guy says! But who jeered at the U.N.'s false prediction that there would be 50 million "climate refugees" by 2010?

As Taranto notes, the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal did, but Reuters and the mainstream media actually did not.

It would be nice if any of Prof. Hayhoe's predictions could be as neatly packaged time-tested as a prediction of "Rapture" on a particular Satruday evening.

May. 25 2011 03:36 PM
Vincent Kosik from CHARLOTTE

I read Ms. Hayhoe's book, A Climate for Change", and it is a clear read on the facts concerning this crisis. Discusses the objections to the science and explains in common day language the basis for why it is due to man made emitted greenhouse gases.
Thank you for this interview and I hope all take notice of it and her work. It will have an impact on those questioning the science.

May. 25 2011 08:02 AM
Peg from Upstate NY

Why is it that many Americans call Global Climate Change predictions a hoax - but they're willing to believe silly hoaxes like the recent Rapture prediction?

All over the US, people who own property on our coasts and rivers, should be moving back. Insurance companies will not be able to cover the constant damages and neither will the taxpayers.

Why not encourage another mass migration from low lying areas. There's plenty of room in the north east and near the great lakes. And with predictions for increases in temperature, future winters will not be as severe.

Real estate in these regions is cheap, there's plenty of delicious fresh water, life expectancy is longer in the north AND "our children are above average."

May. 25 2011 07:37 AM

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