Living Snow Fences? Subway Station Skylights? High-Speed Rail? It's the Federal Stimulus, One Year In: a Transportation Nation podcast

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 - 05:44 PM

The Caldecott Tunnel in Northern California (Flickr user OpenThreads (cc: by-nc-nd)/flickr)

One year ago, the Obama Administration began pushing billions and billions of dollars out the door.  The federal stimulus combines tax cuts, huge chunks of federal spending and the extension of benefits in hopes of stimulating the American economy.  So how are American cities changing, and what will we remember about this massive program decades from now?

We'll find out, through a journey to the subways of New York, the snowy intersections of Minnesota and the tunnels of California.  Reporters from public radio's new "Transportation Nation" reporting project share their work, as we reflect on the first year of the federal stimulus.  Enjoy a special tour of living snow fences, bridges, subways and the effects and legacy of this historic era of spending.


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