President Obama Tackles Israel and Palestine

Friday, May 20, 2011

In President Barack Obama's speech on the Middle East Thursday, he addressed the looming issue of peace between Israel and Palestine. President Obama said that the borders of "Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines." This statement drew immediate negative reaction from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is scheduled to meet with President Obama today in Washington, D.C.

Aaron David Miller is a former Middle East adviser to both Republican and Democratic secretaries of state and the author of "The Much too Promised Land: America's Elusive Search for Arab-Israeli Peace." Miller analyzes President Obama's speech and looks at what we can expect from his meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu.


Aaron David Miller

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maria from South Orange, NJ

the world CANNOT end before Oprah makes her exit!!!

May. 20 2011 08:27 AM

There is no such thing as "1967 borders". It was a cease-fire line on a battlefield in 1948 after Jordan and other nations launched an illegal war to destroy the UN backed and internationally recognized Israel. The Jordanians oversaw an illegal occupation for nearly 20 years on the West Bank where there was never an effort to create a state of Palestine nor was there demands for one by the PLO when it was created by the Arab League in 1964. The goal then as now is the total replacement of Israel with another dictatorship which will probably tolerate Jewish and Christian communities as well as all the other Arab nations do at the moment. It is curious how all of these "democracy" movements despise the only nation in the region that is an actual democracy.

May. 20 2011 08:04 AM
Des Johnson

In your lead-in to this segment, you said that Netanyahu described Obama's proposals as "indefensible." Bibi did not say that. He said the 1967 borders were indefensible, as you correctly reported in the body of the story (which I've just read).

This lead-in hype is all too typical of your breathless, instant-solution, attitude to great issues. Your approach is so self-conscious that it drives me out of bed after a couple of minutes.

Here's a thing that might have been explored. Bibi said the 1967 borders were indefensible. How did Israel manage, then, to defend those borders so spectacularly in 1967? How reliable are Bibi's public statements?

Calm down, take a deep breath. It's not about you guys.

May. 20 2011 07:00 AM

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