Takeouts: US Deficit Numbers Released Today, Olympic Updates, Your Hobbies

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

  • BUSINESS TAKEOUT:  European investors are focusing on the debt in countries like Greece and Italy, but domestic analysts will be watching the U.S. Treasury, which releases the monthly deficit figures this afternoon. New York Times finance reporter Louise Story brings us more.
  • SPORTS TAKEOUT:  New York Times sports reporter John Branch brings us up to speed with the latest Olympic news.
  • LISTENERS RESPOND: We asked listeners which hobby you'd like to turn into a money-making venture. Here's what you said.


John Branch and Louise Story

Hosted by:

Todd Zwillich

Produced by:

Hsi-Chang Lin

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Susan Jones

Where is John Branch getting his information? He mispronounced both of the women figure skaters' names and completely missed (i.e., got a 0 out of 100%) on the analysis of Bode Miller's Giant Slalom unfinished run. If he had watched TV, videos, whatever, of any of these events, read UP coverage, or if he actually followed figure skating or ski racing he could have easily got it right.

Feb. 24 2010 12:30 PM

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