Takeouts: Invasive Carp, Your Take on Labeling Mental Disorders

Friday, February 12, 2010

  • CARP TAKEOUT: Invasive Carp are causing problems in the great lakes, threatening to overrun the waters and create rifts between the bordering states. Michigan is asking the federal government to close a canal linking the Mississippi River to the great lakes. We speak to Tina Lam, Detroit Free Press environmental writer.
  • LISTENER TAKEOUT: Yesterday we talked about changes to how we label mental ailments. Listeners chimed in about the benefits of labeling everything from ADHD to Bipolar disorder to depression.

Watch a video of fisherman battling Carp on the Mississippi River.


Tina Lam and Chief Michael Sharky

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Tim Boland from Boston, MA

I was disappointed in the short segment today about the threat Asian carp and the lack of detailed information and coverage about the problem. I was dismayed to hear Celeste Headlee comment that she thought it was funny. The Great Lakes supports a 70 billion dollar industry of both fishing and tourism. In a state devastated by a collasped auto industry, the threat of this potentially devastating problem is not funny on youtube or my morning radio news.

Feb. 12 2010 07:36 AM

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