International Adoption or Child Trafficking?

Monday, February 08, 2010

Corinna Lankford, a member of New Life Children's Refuge of Boise, Idaho accused of child trafficking is escorted into a court hearing February 4, 2010 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. (Getty Images)

Last week, ten American Baptist community members attempted to take 33 children out of Haiti, claiming their goal was to rescue the children. The Haitian government disagreed and charged the Americans with kidnapping.  For many, the story has raised new concerns and questions about adoption.

How do you know if your international adoption is legal? Is there a guaranteed way to avoid inadvertently being a party to child trafficking? And at what point do we break down adoption restrictions in order to give orphans homes?

David Smolin has both personal and expert knowledge related to these issues. In 1998, he and his wife Desiree adopted two girls from India. At the time, they thought their adoptions were legal, but it turns out they weren't. Since then, he has become a respected academic expert on international adoption, and is now a leading advocate for international adoption reform.  He shares his story with us, and brings insights for those who are considering international adoption.


David Smolin

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