Conspiracy Theorists Question Bin Laden's Death

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Within hours of the news that Osama Bin Laden had been killed and buried at sea, the Internet lit up with commentary, speculation, and the beginnings of conspiracy theories. The more conspiracy minded wondered: How do we know it wasn't a double? And how do we know that the real Osama is not still alive — or on the other hand, hasn't been dead for years?

The White House anticipated this hunger for proof — and made sure to collect ample forensic evidence before burying the al-Qaida leader at sea. Spencer Ackerman, senior reporter for's Danger Room blog, and Pam Belluck, of The New York Times, have been cataloging the evidence.


Spencer Ackerman and Pam Belluck

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@Kathy from Monterrey. Everything you said is completely idiotic. If you ever lose your birth certificate, you can ask for a new one. It will look brand new. I've done that very same thing, and I'm not from another country or in league with terrorists. In summary, you are an idiot.

On an unrelated note, I don't understand why people would want to see pictures of someone dead. I'm glad the guy is dead, but getting joy out of seeing pictures of a body with a bullet through its head is just disturbing. Initially I didn't care if the photos were released, but now that I've already had the fake forced into my face, I hope the photos are never made public. I don't want to see them, and if they're released, they're going to be everywhere. It's going to be hard to avoid seeing them.

May. 03 2011 10:29 PM

do these people want the same pictures or the same proof of death that was used with che Guevara ? i remember these pictures, i believe they are unclassified now and may be on the web.
it was a picture of his body on a morgue type table with a white sheet covering his junk section. Next picture was his head cutoff,bloody and jagged cut from his body, next pic just an anonymous arm holding his head to prove that he was killed. The head was used to prove to his followers and the villagers that he was dead. This was long before the internet and digital photos. The 8x10's were black and white and were also distributed to the villagers. The pics i had access to were from the negatives on smoke bomb hill.

May. 03 2011 10:28 AM
David from Broomfield, CO

Who is it that we are trying not to offend by not showing the picture? Other terrorists? Let them see the result, and send the message it will happen to them if they choose to continue with terrorism. Show the picture and let us have the gratification of seeing 'the evidence'.

May. 03 2011 09:24 AM
Mitch from Maplewood, NJ

Besides the images of the World Trade Center buildings coming down, the images I best remember from 9/11 were of a woman in Afghanistan ululating, supposedly with joy over our death count and images of Bin Laden celebrating in his bunker. I remember how angry those images made me. I don't think it can be helped, but today, I don't see the point in returning the favor. There are those in the Middle East with grievances, some just, against the US for supporting the oil kleptocrats who have run their countries. Why salt those wounds? One of the arguments Bin Laden made against us was that we are a debased culture. How does images of Americans getting drunk and foolish en masse at the news of Bin Laden's death prove we've achieved a moral victory?

May. 03 2011 09:16 AM

Conspiracy theorists are like people who say Santa Claus exists. No amount of evidence to the contrary will shake their belief. I know people say, "I know I may be crazy, but its true". They never realize they just admitted they were crazy. Bin Ladin is dead, Santa Claus doesnt exist. Get a life or at least good meds.

May. 03 2011 09:10 AM
Kathy from Monterrey california

I don't know if I should believe this because what ocean would they dump him in? There are no seas or oceans anywhere around Pakistan or atleast it would six hours to get there. Then why didn't hey show pictures of him captured or dead and where are the DNA samples and who were they compared to? Who took them? How accurate are they?
Maybe laden is working with the US president so they would get ideas off of his birth certificate. Laden is getting older and is going to practically get tired of running around and he needs to retire. This would get ideas off him and no one will have to worry about anything if they think he is dead. He has to change his identify and change his name!
Then Obama, he just showed his birth certificate and it looks brand new. He is about the same age as my father and my fathers looks torn up and it looks like it has been showed alot. Next, my certificate is only 11 years old and it looks far worse then obamas brand new one. And why didn't he show it sooner when the question first came out? This is just another reason for him to be reelected. But what if it is only a faux play?

May. 03 2011 08:50 AM
michelle from lakewood, co

I want a "wiki-leaks" style report on how DNA samples were taken. What Dna tests where done, how reliable are those DNA test that were use, why those DNA test where use, who conducted the DNA test. After wiki leaks dna report shows that yes it was bin laden then YES i want to see the video and picture!

May. 03 2011 07:25 AM

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