First Take: Foreclosures, Gays in the Military, Super Bowl Food

Tuesday, February 02, 2010 - 12:35 PM


Alex Goldmark here watching over the night shift.

A few things have changed since Anna's last post. We've been reading between the lines of some interesting comments about Don't Ask Don't Tell today. General Gates told a Congressional hearing: “If legislation is passed repealing the law, we feel strongly we will need time for implementation of that change.” Well, what changes exactly? How does officially recognizing that someone is gay change the way you treat them or the institutions of the military? And what are the potential ripple effects of altering the way gays are treated in the military that might go beyond life in uniform?

On a side note, we're having a fierce debate here on how much humor is appropriate, if any, for this topic. One producer has concientiously objected to pulling and editing some movie clips that others here think might lighten the tone and mood of the interview tomorrow. Tune in to see who gets their way.

We're also going to hear from the Boy Scouts. They are turning 100 years old this year, and in honor of that milestone they are making a special effort to reach out to hispanic youths.

Our deficit explanations (referenced below) that Anna was hunting down before might have to wait until Thursday. So goes live radio.

UPDATED: 1:30 pm

Anna Sale here on the day shift.

Our chat this morning with The New York Times’ David Sanger about the long-term effects of the federal deficit has kept us talking — and scratching our heads a little. We're wondering how we can possibly get our minds around these huge numbers. We’re reaching out to a bunch of smart economic thinkers — from Washington players to famous economists to high school teachers — to see who can explain it best.

The wave of defaults on Federal Housing Administration loans last month also got our attention, and we will look again at the fragility of the housing market recovery. We'll also get the neighborhood-level view from a public radio reporter in Cleveland, where the sores from foreclosed properties are festering and creating a whole new set of problems.

We will visit Galveston, Texas, the seaside town devastated by Hurricane Ike more than a year ago. Federal housing aid has finally started to flow there. We'll talk to the mayor about what is being rebuilt, and what is lost forever. We are also closely watching the National Transportation Safety Board to see what the agency blames for the deadly regional jet crash in Buffalo a year ago. 

We'll also continue to get to know Miami as we welcome Miami's WLRN to The Takeaway family this week. Miami Herald columnist and Pulitizer Prize winner Leonard Pitts will join us, as well as Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado.

We will help you assemble your grocery list for Super Bowl parties this weekend. Two award-winning chefs will share their recipes for the best Super Bowl snacks and cocktails.

Finally, we were pleased to see that the song, "We Are the World" is back — and remixed to raise money for Haiti. We want to get on the act, and we need your help. You know you know the tune — so send us your lyrics!

"We Are the World.

We are the Children.

We are..."

  That's where you come in.

For inspiration, here's the new one:

and here's the classic:









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