Dear TV Networks... (Re: 'Lost')

A letter on why all TV shows should take a tip from Lost

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A scene from ABC's "Lost" (ABC)

TV execs, we know it must be hard to give up a cash cow. But before the milk turns sour, know when to call it quits.

Lost was given the gift of an expiration date. A gift, you ask? It was a gift because it forced the writers to come up with taut storytelling, and will give us all a nice, well-thought-out conclusion. If you don't believe us, we'll give you examples: when to end the show before it gets bad, taking the opportunity when an end naturally arises, and how to make a show with a beginning, middle, and end already mapped out.

Sincerely yours,

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Most shows merely want to create enough episodes for syndication. It has more to do with money than with fans. Don't kid yourselves.

Feb. 02 2010 08:57 AM
Ray Vezina from New Bedford, MA

Of all the shows that deserve no more than 1 episode, I would nominate any show beginning with the words "Housewives of . . . .". Watch five minutes and you'll agree that these airwaves might as well transmit the "blitverts" from Max Headroom. These insidious ads from the future would eventually cause your head to explode, not unlike five minutes worth of "Housewives from Sweatshirt, Nebraska" (or Miami, LA, New Jersey).

Feb. 02 2010 08:14 AM
Phil from Paxton, MA

Do exhortations to end shows in a timely way apply to hip, fast-paced, public radio news shows?

Feb. 02 2010 06:57 AM

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