Will Shanghai's Auto Show Eclipse New York's?

Friday, April 22, 2011

As potential car buyers flock to the New York International Auto Show this week, some industry bigwigs are skipping the annual American show for another auto event — in Shanghai. The Chinese auto show and the American auto show overlap this year, and they are certainly competing over the industry spotlight. Paul Eisenstein, publisher of The Detroit Bureau.com, is at the New York show this week. He talks about the growing importance of China's auto show. Some of America's biggest launches, including the Chevy Malibu, are happening at that show as China becomes a major market for American cars.

Eisenstein also talks about the new Beetle, the heart of Volkswagen and why the company decided to redesign the car once again.


Paul Eisenstein

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Jay Smith from New York City

On "Earth Day" you feature a news byte about the competition between Shanghai and New York for automobile shows? Where are your journalistic priorities?

What do cars run on?
Do you know that world production of oil has peaked and the world is in an arc of oil depletion?--for every barrel of oil discovered, we use 4 to 6

And the point isn't that we'll be running out of gas any time soon, but what happens to the entire world economy, including automotive transport, when the cost of fuel rises exponentially according to the economic rules of demand/supply? Or are we going to subsidize oil forever with subsidies to oil companies, and "eternal war" in the middle east--where in fact oil production has peaked or is peaking--in order to drive our cars?

Even if you make electric cars, or hydrogen fueled vehicles (a pipe dream), how expensive will they be, and how much of the world's fleet can they actually, practicably replace?

Automobile shows promoting the use of machines still dependent on oil extraction are a luxurious indulgence the world can no longer afford. Especially on "Earth Day"

Get with real journalism and ask the hard questions, will ya please?

Apr. 22 2011 10:28 AM

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