Is Saif Gadhafi Libya's Hope?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Talks are underway in Qatar to try to establish a way forward for Libya, where fighting continues. Col. Gadhafi continues his attacks, while NATO has stepped in to help the rebel forces. NATO will remain in the country until the departure of Gadhafi. However, who will lead the country? Benjamin Barber is a senior fellow at Demos in New York and author of "Strong Democracy" and "Jihad vs. McWorld." He says that Gadhafi's son, Saif Gadhafi may need to play a role in the government. The BBC's Nick Childs reports on the meeting in Qatar.


Benjamin Barber and Nick Childs

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Siger Brabant from Framingham, MA

Barber's defensiveness was amusing. The guy is clearly in the bag for Qaddafi. Anyone who asserts that he 'earned a PhD at LSE' when it is clear that he plagiarized and bribed his way to the degree has no credibility.

Apr. 13 2011 02:01 PM
Luke from Boston

John H. asked pertinent and obviously aggravating questions of Benjamin Barber concerning his relationship with Saif Gaghafi implying that it might effect his reporting. That's good journalism. Then John apologized for upsetting Barber. JH shouldn't be apologizing for doing a good job. That's the kind of tenacity we need from our journalists and that we often get from Hockenberry. That's the kind of probing, motive questioning interview that we need applied more often to our politicians.

Apr. 13 2011 10:09 AM

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