On 65th Anniversary of Auschwitz Liberation, A Survivor Reflects

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today marks the 65th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp. More than one million people were estimated to have been killed there, 90% of them Jewish.

Sonia Warshawski, who spent a year and a half at Auschwitz as a teenager, explains what this day means to her.


Sonia Warshawski

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Arwa Gunja

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michael kort from overland park, kansas

How can one respond in a civil way, etc. to the kind of sick individuals, who chose to deny the Holocaust, in the face of the overwhelming photos, documentary films, survivor stories such as Sonia Warshawskis', the reports of our G.I.s & Officers who saw The Holocaust first hand & forced the local German Civilians to go & walk thru these death camps, to see & become Holocaust Witnesses to future generations, of the utter depravity of the nazis & of those "deniers" of today; whom, to me, "would be if they could be", as the nazis were before them?! How can one be civil with individuals & nations that are so willingly self deceived, that they deny the Holocaust?! What would be the point of showing them any kind of human "anything"?! These deniers act as if they are inhuman, animalistic murderers, out to amuse themselves with lies & denials of their own goals & intentions & the histories of the nazis before themselves, whom they admire for their past ethnic murders!

Jan. 30 2010 01:31 AM

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