March Madness: A Sleepy Victory for the Big East

Tuesday, April 05, 2011 - 05:57 AM

We've been following the NCAA tournament all month with pre-game predictions and post-game analysis from our contributors:

To: Ibrahim Abdul-Matin

From: Bradley Campbell

RE: UConn's Win

College basketball makes no sense. I just don't get it. The top two teams reach the championship game. But the first twenty minutes is like a game of YMCA pick-up. Brick after brick after brick. Head down dribbling. Garbage buckets. Poor fouls. I mean, Butler scored the same percentage they shot in the first half: 22. This is what the beautiful game of basketball becomes after 67.5 games: a battle of attrition. WWI basketball.

Charles Barkley compared the play to the days when he dated ugly women. If this is really the comparison he wants to make, then Sir Charles must have plenty to regret. But the second half was different. Everything changed.

Ok. That's a lie.

Butler hit a three to start off the second half. And UConn dropped in a nice pull-up jumper. Then it went back to a game of flailing arms, rushed shots and what CBS commentator Clark Kellogg called, "unparalleled ineptitude." At one point, I questioned if UConn's Jeremy Lamb could capitalize on a wide open breakaway. It surprised me when his dunk went in. It was some absolutely horrible basketball... we're talking Minnesota Timberwolves versus Cleveland Cavaliers bad. By the end of it... the fan inside me died.

I no longer cared if Butler could pull-off an upset. I started rooting for shots to fall, no matter the team shooting. I started to check the clock, check email, and do whatever it would take to keep my eyes off the game. I didn't have to watch. The rim clanks kept me aware of what was happening.

Congrats to UConn.


To: Bradley Campbell

From: Ibrahim Abdul-Matin

RE: UConn's Win

It is fitting that I would be sitting in a car, listening to the coverage of the UConn victory on radio while driving through the strange and eerie state of Connecticut. The Butler team shot 18.8 percent, which made it an ugly affair. And the lanky and athletic UConn players frustrated the Bulldogs all day. It was brutal. The only thing I could think of was the Buffalo Bills getting to championships and not quite reaching the ultimate goal.

Oh, and a reminder— the country was looking down on the Big East and here comes the 9-9 in league play Huskies who got to listen to "One Shining Moment" and on top of the whole mountain. The Big East was on top in this shining moment. Hats off to Kemba Walker and big shouts to Notre Dame tomorrow over Texas A&M to prove Big East dominance in college basketball.

Nuff said, I'll just keep driving.



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