How to Brand Obama 2.0

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The slogans “Yes We Can” and “Change We Can Believe In” transformed then-Senator Barack Obama’s underdog bid for presidency into a frenzied, anti-incumbency movement that launched him to the Oval Office. Fast forward to today, and President Barack Obama has officially begun his re-election bid, though the word “change” is probably the last one he wants to hear.

Cindy Gallop, advertising consultant and former chairman of ad agency BBH, talks about  how Barack Obama — one of 2008’s most ubiquitous, powerful and recognizable brands — can re-brand himself to a increasingly dissatisfied electorate in 2012.


Cindy Gallop

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Jason Isbanioly from Charlotte

Obama 2012 - Come guys still like Michelle, right?

Apr. 06 2011 07:33 AM
Nick from Detroit

Dream Bigger

Apr. 06 2011 06:56 AM
Allie Jensen

Hoping for more

Apr. 05 2011 10:48 PM
Marty from Tulsa, OK

"Down in front!"

This would be a reminder to his base to quit all the ideological diatribing and let the pragmatists keep things cool. Coz you know, those moderates can't stand people who stand on principle!

Apr. 05 2011 10:28 PM
BklynSu from Brooklyn, NY

Smart with Heart

Apr. 05 2011 07:57 PM
Patricia Gibney from Northville MI

How about:

Keep the change.
Make it grow.

Apr. 05 2011 07:37 PM
Steve Hersch from Kenmore, WA

The New Hypocrisy

Old Bottle, New Change

Obama - Spares Us Change

Apr. 05 2011 01:12 PM
Dave from Greenville, SC

Eradicate stupidiTEA

Apr. 05 2011 10:02 AM
jack quigley

"Change in Action"

This slogan unites the original message of change with the new campaign, while providing a portrait of Obama as a decisive actor.

Apr. 05 2011 09:52 AM
barry deutsch from brooklyn NY

working with the change gang

Apr. 05 2011 09:46 AM
Thirsty Grassrooter

Obama - The Following Leader

Apr. 05 2011 09:40 AM
Tom from Boston, MA

The hardest working man in the White House

Apr. 05 2011 09:29 AM
Darrell from St Louis

Obama 2012: Let's prove the Tea Party AND Mayans wrong!

Apr. 05 2011 09:19 AM
Michael from Manhatta, NY

"I Almost Did"

Apr. 05 2011 08:52 AM
George J. Robinson from Manhattan (NY NY)

Obama should choose from the following slogans, or employ each for its intended audience:

1. To Wall St.-
"Past Performance is no guarantee3 of future results."

2. Referencing US History (and "The Great Middle Class-:"
"An Oven-Stuffer Roaster in Every Pot; A Hybrid in Every Garage."

I could suggest more, but time is short.


Apr. 05 2011 08:24 AM
Ed from Larchmont

As long as they support abortion nationally and internationally, and push it, they are doomed.

Apr. 05 2011 08:16 AM
Reggie Olen from Brooklyn

Obama 2012, you're probably too stupid to appreciate how lucky you've been so far!

Apr. 05 2011 07:25 AM

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