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Friday, January 22, 2010 - 12:22 PM

UPDATE: Sunday 8:30pmEST

Alex here on the Sunday shift ... and credit to my friends from Friday. Much of what they planned is still as relevant now after the weekend's news. We'll still start our pre-State of the Union analyses as planned with a look at some possible changes President Obama may be preparing to announce on Wednesday. Our Haiti coverage will continue and shift to more forward looking as the grim rescue efforts end with a look at how they might begin to rebuild and compare the obstacles now with past disasters. 

The most surprising of our stories on tap for tomorrow may turn out to be our weekly family segment. This week we hear an unexpected but well researched theory on child sexual abuse. We might be understanding the notion of trauma all wrong. And if we get it right, maybe that would encourage more than just 5% of abused children to come forward. 

We're also following the rumblings around the re-confirmation of Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, still hearing and receiving responses to last week's Supreme Court ruling on campaign finance and yes, we'll have a preview of the Superbowl and recap of the NFL championship games last night. 

UPDATE Friday 12:45pmEST - (Adam Web Producer)

From Friday morning, Monday's show looks a long ways off, especially given how much news can happen over the course of a weekend... but here's the basic shape of things we're expecting to cover, so far.

This past week has been tumultuous – to say the least – for Democrats and President Obama. As part of our State of our Union series next week, we’ll look at how Obama can reset the nation's expectations before he delivers the State of the Union address Wednesday night.

And, as the aid channels start flowing more quickly in Haiti, we're looking to have a conversation about what the country's infrastructure could look like as it's rebuilt basically from scratch.

We'll be joined by some Takeaway regulars to start the week: The New York Times international business editor Marcus Mabry and the BBC's Jonathan Marcus will come in to look at next week’s news, which, in addition to the continuing fallout in Washington, includes some interesting international meetings on Yemen and Afghanistan.  Takeaway contributor Andrea Bernstein will come on to talk about a program that's catching on in several cities: allowing lone drivers to buy their way into carpool-only lanes. Cash-strapped budgets get a little lift, and traffic eases a little ... or at least, that's the goal. And Farai Chideya will bring us the next installment of The Value, our series that profiles individuals who have adjusted their priorities in the wake of the financial downturn.

So before Wednesday night, when the President will deliver that address, we'll be asking listeners, guests and readers to give us their own impressions: What's the state of your Union?

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charlie kruger from harrington park nj

Oh my goodness! You used my butterfly call as a promo! How exciting to share my fifteen seconds of fame with such worthy company!

Jan. 24 2010 11:05 AM
Dan Lipnick

it will be on the AM station!!!!! yippie, I won't have to listen to your inane blather.

thank you WNYC

Jan. 24 2010 01:38 AM

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