College Week: 'You're In, Now Pay Up'

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

High school seniors are glued to their mailboxes this week as they await college acceptance letters. However, after they get in, the question of how to pay for college looms. Personal finance expert and Takeaway contributor Beth Kobliner has some advice on how to get the right financial aid and to tell us about some affordable options for a college education.

Steve Schneider, a high school counselor at Sheboygan South High, in Sheboygan, Wisconsin says it helps to start thinking early about the right career path so you find the right education at the right value.


Steve Schneider


Beth Kobliner

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Julia from Michigan, Luxembourg and Ukraine

When I began studying at the University, I went to University of Michigan. I interviewed many of my friends that had also graduated from the same University and the majority of them were only making minimum wage jobs. I made the decision that it made more sense to work my way through the University. I took out approximately 75% less in student loans than my peers, and yet now have more financial assets than any of them. Trying to get through college in only four years isn't worth it unless one desires to go to graduate school and finish at an early age. I look back and am happy that I am glad that I did it the way I did. I have friends in their early 40s that still have 5-6 figure debts in student loans. Now I have paid for 9 homes, have 3 Bachelor's degrees, and would NEVER raise a child in the USA when most European countries pay the tuition for anyone that enters any University. I think the best job I had was as a Machinist. I still go to school, and seek a doctorate in the Russian language for business purposes. I now have the assets and the business contacts to make a use for this degree. I am really happy that I had met many people that were University of Michigan graduates that were making minimum wage when I began studying there. I made working and going to school a way of life, and by that reduced my debt and ended up with more University education than any of my peers. I also live now between 3 countries as I desire.

Mar. 29 2011 08:57 AM

Our daughter has completed her BA at an expensive university, funded by excellent scholarships, 2 jobs (hers) 3 jobs(ours) and loans. My question is about her idea of getting a master's degree in France. She's been told that the tuition is sooo much cheaper. Is this a viable plan?

Mar. 29 2011 08:32 AM
Yda Filiberti from Facebook

How much of the cost you talked about is from profit schools such as the online Phoenix school or Evergreen etc? Thank you

Mar. 29 2011 06:58 AM

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