Libya: Who is Iman Al Obeidi?

Monday, March 28, 2011

When a Libyan woman burst into the Tripoli hotel where foreign journalists convened, her story of rape at the hands of Gadhafi's militia men was heard around the world. Correspondent for The New York Times David Kirkpatrick was there. Her story is that she was abducted and tortured, but government officials are saying that she’s a prostitute with a long criminal record. She was beaten and dragged away by security officials. David Kirkpatrick says that Libyan officials had said that reporters would be able to talk to her again, but that this is unlikely. 

Meanwhile, under allied cover, rebel forces appear to be advancing on Sirte, which is Gadhafi's hometown. They haven't taken the city yet, but are closing in and there is anticipation of heavy fighting both in Sirte and eventually, in Tripoli.


David D. Kirkpatrick

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ella from UK

Is anyone trying to report on what has happened to her since? The story has disappeared from coverage. Granted, there are bigger issues to cover in Libya, but hers is an important story to track.

It was shocking and disgusting to see how other women working in the hotel tried to cover her head and hold onto her for the Libyan authorities to take away.

Awful to see.

Please keep the coverage coming.

Mar. 30 2011 11:58 AM
Nancy Holohan

Please consider "Liking" the "Free Iman al-Obeidi" Facebook page. She now has over 5000 supporters. The world is watching and praying that Iman is alive and that she will be released. Thank you.

Mar. 28 2011 11:19 PM
Ariana from Utah

They Killed her! as soon as the white car was out of sight they slit her throat. Honor Crimes are crimes for the men to keep
their honor. They do
not respect

they do not respect

women there!

she's dead and the 3 female lawyers she was picked up with have been raped and killed also! watch and see! when Christ comes back their will be a reconing! Amen

Mar. 28 2011 10:58 PM
Anne Torpey

Iman's story is stunningly remarkable when you consider everything she stood to lose by going public. What will happen to her now, even if she's released unharmed by the government "minders"? In Muslim society, where rape victims are ostracized as "unpure," expected to keep quiet to minimize the "dishonor" they bring to their families, how will her family treat her? And how will her society deal with this conundrum: an inspiring symbol of defiance agst the brutal regime who is also a woman who's been raped?

Mar. 28 2011 06:12 PM
marvin Wolf

Why is everyone touting the NATO takeover as a sign of US disentanglement? We are the largest part of NATO. NATO is the supposed head in Afghanistan and Iraq . Why does the government and media promulgate this dangerous myth? If NATO is there, we are there and paying.

Mar. 28 2011 09:50 AM

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