Adm. Mike Mullen on Haiti, Al Qaeda, Yemen

Thursday, January 21, 2010


The United States military is getting more involved in the Haiti relief effort by the day. On Wednesday, 4,000 more troops were added, bringing the total U.S. presence in the country to about 16,000. As the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Mike Mullen is the country's highest ranking officer in the armed services. John sat down with Adm. Mullen at the Pentagon on Wednesday for a wide-ranging conversation. In part one of our interview, we ask him about the use of Guantanamo Bay in the relief effort, the "war" with Al Qaeda, and the renewed focus on Yemen.

"What's been the struggle initially with this is because those have been injured so badly--many of them are crush injuries--we've seen infection set in, and many amputations have had to occur. So you just can't show up to a medical facility, if you will...I see this as, along with food and water, the most significant challenge."

--Adm. Mike Mullen


Admiral Mike Mullen

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Jim Colgan and David J Fazekas

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Joan Bulliner from Boston, MA

As a lifelong MA resident, the election of Scott Brown (a Republican) to the Senate, was based on several factors:
Many MA residents were in fact NOT residents when the Kennedy's were elected to various elected seats. Since the 70's I have seen a change in the demographic of this state to more White Middle and Blue Collar constituents as well as a large diverse immigrant populus. And, let's not forget the Martha Coakley is a WOMAN and sexism does exist. If it didn't why isn't the US Senate reflective of the population. I'm tired of seeing old White men making decisions to a population they can not begin to understand. Also, MA growns more and more segregated. As an educator, who teaches Mass Media at a community college, I finally see diversity when I set foot on campus. Going out in the evening in MA renders little or no diversity and quite frankly the White population could care less. I believe I would feel more comfortable in MN. Their diversity is genuine and not constructed.
Many of the MA voters of today, are Generation X'ers, and were never taught civics in school and know very litle about government, economics and sociology. This generation is also the most mis-informed due to technology, but have lost the ability to communicate with any substance. Many young people who attend college today, attend only to obtain a "GOOD" job and could care less about obtaining knowledge through critical thinking. This skill is vital if one is to become an informed citizen, capable of sorting through an overload of information. Although I use them, Google and Bing can not do the work for us, we must do it for ourselves.
As a "Baby Boomer" I believe we as a generation let Generation X down. Maybe we were weary from fighting on so many fronts. Unfortunately, we laid more than our burdens down by the river side.

Jan. 21 2010 10:02 AM

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