What if Gadhafi Wins? What if the Rebels Win?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Libyan anti-government protester holds his old national flag in front of a wall covered with graffiti against Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi in the eastern city of Tobruk on February 24, 2011. (STR/AFP/Getty)

On day six of the United Nations-backed, U.S.-led Operation Odyssey Dawn operation in Libya, the outcome of the crisis is still unclear. But the future of the country doesn't just depend on which side comes out on top of the military conflict. It may come down to whether a leader is able to keep the petroleum and gas export-fueled economy going long enough to make real reforms, and keep the country fed in the process. However, at this point there are still a lot of unknowns regarding the situation.

Anthony Cordesman, Burke Chair in Strategy at Center for Strategic and International Studies helps look at the possible future of the country. He explains what might happen if Gadhafi wins the battle or if the rebels win or if the stalemate continues.


Anthony Cordesman

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Margaret from Manhattan

(Responding to Brian Lehrer Show 3/22, and The Takeaway 3/23) : "Arresting and prosecuting Gadhafi might be considered real interference with the affairs of a sovereign nation"? What right was his sovereignty based on to begin with? I've thought before the UN should establish a way to take over when it makes sense. There are a lot of people in a fair number of places who'd be better off with an imposed benevolent dictator - educated in civilization, as well as in the bits of information of a line of work, or only how to use a gun. What gives him, or anybody else, the right to keep people subject to less than they might attain to, then murder blasphemously, without being interfered with? The world will be dealing with other extremes in the upcoming generation, and need for everybody to be involved with getting it right. We need to be beyond this not only less than sensibly organized, functional, and developed, but also free reign murder in the name of sovereignty, c***. It's good for concern for humanity to be enough reason.

Mar. 24 2011 12:38 PM

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