Japan Relief: Helping the Most Vulnerable

Monday, March 21, 2011

(International Federation of Red Cross Japan/Getty)

The tsunami came too quickly. Japan's coastal towns had only a 30-minute warning, which was barely enough time to escape the wave, and for many disabled citizens, not enough time at all. The disabled are among the most vulnerable victims of the recent destruction in Japan. Yukiko and Shoji Nakanishi are members of a Japanese relief organization that is working tirelessly to provide shelter and evacuation support to northern Japan's disabled populations. 

Meanwhile, the World Bank is estimating that rebuilding after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan will cost $235 billion and will take at least five years. Dan Sloan, Reuters Correspondent based in Tokyo, reports on the latest in the relief effort.


Daniel Sloan

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kmarnyc from New York CIty

As a frequent critic of John's tendency to insert his strong personality (and admitted knowledge) into every interview he does, I thought this story was extremely poignant and important, and his presence and contribution was invaluable. So maybe it's all part of the same unique package -- and I ought to just "suck it up." And shut up (with the criticisms, that is).

Mar. 22 2011 09:11 AM
Martha Garvey from Hoboken

Just wrenching. Thanks for making us see what we might not notice otherwise.

Mar. 21 2011 02:50 PM

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