Massachusetts Voters May Determine Fate of Health Care, Obama Agenda

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

U.S President Barack Obama attends a rally for U.S. Senate democratic nominee Martha Coakley at Northeastern University in Boston. (Getty)

Today, Massachusetts voters decide who will fill the Senate seat of the late Sen. Ted Kennedy.

It's a decision that will determine whether or not Democrats will hang on to their tenuous 60-vote majority, and the election's outcome could seriously hamper the president's agenda, including health care reform legislation. We discuss the implications of the special election in Massachusetts and Washington with David Bernstein, a political reporter and columnist at The Boston Phoenix; and with our Washington correspondent, Todd Zwillich.


David Bernstein and Todd Zwillich

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Eric Martinson from Wellfleet, MA

Um, "lost people on the ground" is well said?

Jan. 19 2010 09:52 AM
Ed Helmrich from Larchmont, NY

It's a wonderful thing that Scott Brown might win this senate seat. The Catholic Bishops Conference has asked Catholics to ask their representatives to vote against the bill because it funds abortion, because it has no conscience clause protection, and because it doesn't serve the immigrants. And his election might stop it.

Jan. 19 2010 08:22 AM
Brittanicus from Indianapolis, IN

There is no doubt in my mind that the reason Democrat Martha Coakleyn is in a strong race with Republican Scott Brown is owing to her partisan approval of Comprehensive Immigration Reform or AMNESTY. The majority of Americans remember the last travesty of the 1986 immigration reform, that not only legalized around 3.5 million agricultural worker, but even more desperate, poor people slipped into America before the final bill was signed. The same scenario is sure to happen again, because millions of more people are aware they can get instant recognition as legitimate. Senator Edward Kennedy now vacated seat, is what Coakleyn and Scott are competing over and could jeopardize the Health Care Reform package. A Republican Senate victory in the blue state of Massachusetts would have massive repercussions and could even echo in the Oval office. Even Massachusetts Democrat Barney Frank stated to reporters, " if Brown wins, the president's overhaul of health care is dead." President Obama is stumping himself in trying to preserve the crucial 60th Democratic Senate vote needed to pass the health care overhaul.

The deciding factor is what is more important to the voters in this special election? Opening the door even wider for millions of illegal people to siphon of --BILLIONS--in taxpayers money for health care, education and other unrevealed entitlements. As Brown debated stopping the issuance of driving drivers licenses and in-state tuition to illegal immigrants. But then crush any chance of the Democrats passing health care reform? Or by voting for Scott Brown wrecking any chance of another Amnesty, that as the US Census assumes could lead to unsustainable OVERPOPULATION. Shortly we will learn the answer to this unnerving question, that will decide future generations quality of life. If this Republican wins it will send a traumatic message, to Democrats that includes Sen. Harry Reid, Speaker Pelosi and the rest who are pandering to illegal immigrants, that Americans are tired of being taxed to support foreign nationals. It will mean E-Verify could become permanent and zero in on the millions of illegal labor, fraudulently taking jobs from legitimate workers.

It will mean stepped up audits, by ICE in all working locations. It could strengthen the 287 (G) federal training program to arrest illegal foreigners, that has been weakened by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. E-Verify upgrades could reduce overtime a very sufficient way to force illegal workers into self-deportation, because they can no longer steal American jobs.

Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 to be connected to your Senator and Congressman and use the voting power of THE PEOPLE. NUMBERSUSA AND JUDICIAL WATCH for more frightening information and which lawmaker are signers to the potential AMNESTY and the immigration grades of these proponents.

Jan. 19 2010 12:59 AM

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