Health Care Reform Could Hinge on Special Election in Massachusetts

Monday, January 18, 2010

Voters in Massachusetts will vote for a new Senator tomorrow: The two candidates vying for the seat long-held by Democrat Ted Kennedy are now polling in a dead heat. The seat could be the key 60th vote needed for Democrats to pass a health care bill in the Senate... or the key to Republicans' efforts to stymie it.

For political analysis leading up to the election, we check in with Christopher Lydon, host of Radio Open Source.


Christopher Lydon


Arwa Gunja

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republicanblack from Palm Bay, FL

Speaking as a republican and a conservative I thought at first that the health care legislation and reform effort was being forced down our throats and a debt to our children. But then I saw this article and it explained how we conservatives have framed the debate has crippled our ability to see it for what republicans in the past would have seen it. Now I have changed my mind I hope you will take a look and think about it too

Jan. 18 2010 05:30 AM

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