What Would Happen if Google Pulled out of China?

Friday, January 15, 2010

This week, Google threatened to pull out of China after several Gmail accounts of human rights activists were hacked into by cyber attackers in China. What would it mean for U.S.-China relations if Google really pulls out of the country altogether?


We talk with Adam Segal, a senior fellow for China Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations.


Adam Segal

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Meredith from Michigan

Today on your show you were talking about Google pulling out of China and the commentator said something to the extent of "How is Google going to continue to make money if they pull out of this emerging market?". This is the attitude that makes this country morally ill. Do you know what we call something that continues to grow unchecked? Cancer. This company is bravely taking a stand on a global level that they will not tolerate censorship. Instead of lamenting "their loss of revenue", why can't we congratulate them on being content with the huge profit they are ALREADY making and still being able to take a stand? I expect more from public radio. Some things are worth more than ever growing profits.

Jan. 15 2010 10:39 AM

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