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Wednesday, January 13, 2010 - 01:28 PM

Jim (the web editor) here, with an update on our planning for tomorrow.

On the air all morning, we’ve been hearing about the devastation in Haiti from survivors in Port-au-Prince, as well as members of the Haitian community here. But only now are we starting to get a handle on the number of people affected by the devastation.


Haiti's president told The Miami Herald today that he believed thousands of people were dead. The U.N.'s emergency relief co-ordinator says a Chinese search and rescue team has arrived in Port-au-Prince. Teams are also on their way from the U.S., France, Iceland and the Dominican Republic, according to The BBC.

On tomorrow’s show, we’ll check in with the survivors we spoke to today and we’ll find out how the relief effort is going. Haiti's ambassador to the U.S. told us this morning that the country needed a hospital ship docked outside the capital. We'll find out if that's going to happen.

And in our weekly technology segment, we’ll look at low-tech ways to assist in emergencies like this.

In other news, we’re following today’s hearings on the financial crisis, where Wall Street CEOs are getting grilled by a 10-member commission appointed Congress. Four top bank executives just told the commission that they made mistakes, but didn’t realize how bad they were at the time.

 Watch this aerial video of the affected area shot by the U.S. Coast Guard on Wednesday:



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