Rahm Emanuel, Chicago's New Mayor

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rahm Emanuel celebrates winning the Chicago mayoral race February 22, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois (John Gress/Getty)

Rahm Emanuel won 55 percent of the vote to become Chicago's next mayor, ending the 22-year run of Richard M. Daly.The former congressman is best known for being President Obama's chief of staff. Some thought that there would need to be a run-off, but Jim Warren, Chicago columnist for The New York Times didn't think so. "He simply outworked everybody else," Warren says. And he combined that with a top-notch staff and significant advantage in resources, raising $12 million. His ties to President Obama also helped him be a bit of a celebrity. However, like in many cities, there is a huge deficit facing Chicago and Emanuel may have to face off against the unions; the teacher's union contract may be up first.


Jim Warren

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