[Web Special] U.S. Soccer: Older but not yet Wiser

Thursday, August 13, 2009 - 06:00 AM

Here's the truth behind my visceral disgust at watching the U.S.A. lose to Mexico in Mexico: it's not as if anyone in the U.S. really expected them to win ... besides me, really. I wanted to will them to win. But soccer in the United States needs its own Lake Placid "Miracle on Ice" moment; they need to do the unthinkable — but yesterday, as has been their fashion, they lost. ...(continue reading)

Typical to their collapse against the Brazilians in the ConFed Cup, the U.S. squad plays like boys against men. No, like teenagers playing basketball with their father, and their father can't move but still shoots the sky hook to perfection. Basically, the U.S. has all the skill, all the talent, and — dare I say it? — all the heart! But they have none of the wisdom it takes to go into enemy territory and vanquish a rival.

It's not enough anymore that they were simply there. That was for the days of Alexi Lalas, when the US played boom and run soccer (an advanced form of keepaway), because they had no attack. This loss does not disqualify them from the World Cup, but it certainly sends U.S. fans into a depression. I had to watch the final minutes surrounded by Mexican fans in the middle of Manhattan — do you think there was ONE U.S.A. fan in Mexico City?

I think not.

Where was their attack in the smog and green soot of Azteca? At that 7,000 foot altitude, swarmed by the Mexican faithful, they utterly failed.

Failure is not acceptable! To "come close" or to "almost" do it makes this fan's stomach sick — especially when one watches on an empty stomach and then heads home for dinner!

It's no longer OK to just be there. That carrot has been dangled long enough enough. The U.S.A. soccer team has to show some cojones and pony up when it counts.

The good news is that the U.S.A. is still in contention for the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. They had better watch some tape and get ready to play like wise old men.

Highlights from last night's U.S./Mexico soccer match:


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Chaz F

The USA has got to be more comfortable playing defense in the midfield because were way to dependent on our back line(which has played really well and probly where we have improved the most)and Howard. If we made plays in the middle it would keep our better defenders fresher in the 75min+ and give our forwards (Which i feel we have a surplus of) better opertunitys to counter and use our size and speed.

PS: Not for nothing too I havent liked our game plans from match to match. Way to conservative to early in the game takes them out the game and the players seem to be exhausted mentally @ the end of games. (and that's on the coach)

Aug. 13 2009 01:59 PM

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