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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

In the Catholic Church's mission to carry its message into the era of social media, Pope Benedict has issued a challenge to young entrepreneurs who, he hopes, can find new ways to spread the church's message without alteration. The Takeaway speaks to one such revolutionary entrepreneur who has taken up the challenge. Patrick Leinen is the co-founder of Little iApps and creator of The Confession App, which facilitates Catholics who aim to seek penance for their sins. In this conversation he explains how faith based apps like his, may introduce the world to Catholicism 2.0.

You can confess to The Takeaway instead. Use our iPhone App and share your confessions.


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Deb. from Boston

In reference to your guest's comments about religion being physical:

The problem is not the use of technology, it's this particularly limited use. I belong to the First Unitarian-Universalist Church of Second Life (yes, there really is such a thing) which holds virtual services for a welcoming and supportive community. Unitarian churches are common in New England but not elsewhere, and FUUCSL is a way for far-flung UUs to gather with a congregation. We can hear each other but, no, avatars cannot actually touch, and what we see when we look at each other is only a representation. But if you show up as a gladiator, or a daffodil, or a Tyrannosaurus Rex, I might know more about you and what kind of day you're having than if I saw you dressed up and smiling in a church pew. A better example might be a friend who is actually a man but has a female avatar; we see something really fundamental about him that no one in his "real" life sees.

Second Life is geeky, I'll give you that, and some people get involved to the point that the line between the actual and the virtual start to blur. But that's true of so many things in life that I'm inclined to cut Second Life a break and focus on the fact that it is a very effective means of communication and collaboration. Plus, free shoes!

Feb. 10 2011 10:05 AM
Meg from MA

The app is such a non-story. For years and years the Church has handed out "how to go to Confession" guides printed on paper, and this is basically that, only back-lit (with some other nifty features). There's no reason for the Pope to weigh in for or against on a nifty version of "how to go to Confession."
The real story, it seems to me, is how many people have downloaded it. The CBC reported yesterday that the sales of the app place it just above the IKamasutra on some top sales list. Maybe what we're seeing is a renaissance of the sacrament? At my own parish we were amazed at the increase in attendance at Lenten Masses and services. Maybe people are embracing prayer practices and sacraments and returning to traditions like Lenten devotions?
Or, you know, maybe people are turning away from sin and returning to the Gospel?
Now that's a story.

Feb. 10 2011 09:50 AM
Ed from Larchmont

Of course actual Confessions can only be made in person to a priest: not over the phone or any device, etc. But this sounds like a very helpful tool for us to do an examination of conscience and prepare for Confession.

Feb. 09 2011 08:32 AM

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