[Web Special] £1 Million Says Susan Boyle Will Win

Heavy betting that the Scottish singer will win Britain's Got Talent

Friday, May 29, 2009 - 12:41 PM

Britain’s Got Talent and YouTube sensation Susan Boyle had a public meltdown this week after one of the TV show’s judges praised a rival singer. The British tabs clucked that the Scottish singer was turning into a diva. It's not surprising that instant global fame might be disconcerting for someone from a small village. But if Susan's image has lost some of its sweetness, Susan Boyle the commodity has retained its market value....(more)

Don't believe us? Look no further than Paddy Power, a British booking agency (which even gives 3-to-1 odds that Catherine Zeta-Jones will play Susan in any future biopic). Boyle’s odds remain 8-to-11 to win the entire competition this weekend, with adolescent belter Shaheen Jarfargholi coming in second at 6-to-1. William Hill, another agency, has Boyle to win at 11-to-10, beating out Jarfargholi’s 5-to-1; teen pop-and-locker Aidan Davis follows close at 6-to-1.

Of the twelve licensed U.K. bookies offering odds on Britain’s Got Talent, all show Boyle leading, with four bookies giving her even odds and three giving her greater than even. Ken Robertson, a spokesman for PaddyPower, says industry experts estimate that about one million pounds (almost $1.6 million) has been bet on Boyle to win, and some reports say there's even more money on the table from U.S. bettors.

We'll see how the public votes after Boyle sings in the final this weekend. But they've already voted with their pocketbooks.

As for us here at The Takeaway, our bet's on either these guys or, perhaps, this gentleman.


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