How Can Egypt Ensure a Peaceful Political Transition?

Monday, February 07, 2011

After fourteen days of protests, Egypt's President Mubarak claims that change is coming to his country, noting that Vice President Omar Suleiman met with opposition leaders yesterday. However, protesters dismiss the president’s claims; they want immediate action and have promised that demonstrations will continue until Mubarak steps down and the country reforms its one-party political system. How can Egyptians ensure a peaceful political transition? How has the political unrest in Egypt affected the Middle East as a whole? 

To help answer these questions is Ambassador Thomas Pickering, a career ambassador and trustee of the National Committee for American Foreign Policy.


Ambassador Thomas Pickering

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Jillian Weinberger

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Maribel Balbin from Miami

I was surprised that the pepsi commercial where a woman is hit in the head with a can as a result of some "jelaous" incident was simply offensive. The message was wrong in so many levels that I don't believe I'll ever buy a pepsi again!

Feb. 07 2011 09:57 AM
Bryce Butler from Baltimore

I was shocked listening this morning as Celeste repeat the mindless shibboleth that " evolution is at this point an unproven theory". That is Christian fundamentalist bunk. There is so much evidence for evolution that we couldn't function as a society if it were untrue. All of our DNA research is supported by evolutionary theory; e.g., flu vaccine is based totally on the flu virus' evolution. It is profoundly disturbing to hear an intelligent commentator so thoughtlessly add to the appalling state of ignorance in this country.

Feb. 07 2011 08:07 AM

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