Repeal of Health Care Law Fails in Senate

Thursday, February 03, 2011

The health care debate isn't subsiding in Washington. A Republican effort to repeal the health care law failed in the Senate Wednesday night, while a Democratic amendment to repeal the law's new tax-reporting requirements passed with bipartisan support. Senate Republicans vowed this will not be their last attempt to repeal the law. Washington correspondent Todd Zwillich lays out the roadmap for the Republican plan to piece-by-piece tear away at the law.


Todd Zwillich

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dichack from california

I am very thankful for our health insurance, and even more thankful that we found an affordable one through wise health insurance online. It has been 6 years that they have not increased my premiums. Having health insurance gives us a peace of mind

Feb. 04 2011 05:20 AM
Robert Weiss from new york, ny

I have to correct a misstatement by Todd Zwillich in his report regarding limiting the right of people to recover damages for medial malpractice. Todd characterized non-economic damages, which the republicans and now Obama want to limit, as punitive damages. That is not correct. Non-economic damages are simply damages that aren't for things like medical bill and lost wages. So, to use an example, if a hospital mistakenly removes a 25 year old woman's uterus because someone didn't read the chart right, that woman who will never have children and have ealry menopausal symptoms etc., would be limited to 250,000.
Or, if a defective product paralyzes a child, that child's loss of the ability to live his/her life will be capped at, yes, 250,000. That is what these caps are about.
If that seems fair to anyone, they know who to vote for and support, but please report accurately on what this really is.

Feb. 03 2011 01:27 PM

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