Arab-Americans React to Uprisings Back Home

Friday, January 28, 2011

A Tunisian demonstrator throws a rock during clashes with security forces on Mohamed V avenue in Tunis on January 14, 2011. (FETHI BELAID/AFP/Getty)

As uprisings spread through the Middle East, Arab-Americans living in the New York area reflect on what this means to their countries of origin. Nancy Yousef came to America from Egypt, and now works as a Professor of English Literature at CUNY Baruch in New York. Naima Nour moved to the US from Tunisia 10 years ago and is the founder and director of the Tunisian Cultural & Information Center USA. And Raja Althaibani, from Yemen, is currently working on her BA in Human Rights and International Development.



Raja Althaibani, Naima Nour and Nancy Yousef

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anna from new york

OK, I found my comments.
I think I should add something. I find it highly/sadly amusing that all these people who love, love, love Helen Thomas, Ayatollah of Hezbollah, suicide bombers and "religion of peace" (and call themselves the "left" - joke of the century) clearly don't have any interest in the region, its peoples, problems, abuses, fight, etc.
Such paid (oil, oil, oil) bastards.

Jan. 28 2011 04:02 PM
anna from new york

BTW, where is everyone? Aren't we witnessing something important. Mention Jews, and all sick, sick, sick crowd shows up immediately.

Jan. 28 2011 09:38 AM
anna from new york

Actually, 1989 started in Poland (like almost everything else) with Walesa (and Solidarity) again.

Jan. 28 2011 09:34 AM

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