Spy Cruise on the High Seas

Monday, January 24, 2011

In November, a cruise ship left Fort Lauderdale, Florida and set sail for the Caribbean. The ship had cocktails, pool parties and cabaret performances. But the 2,000 people aboard weren't ordinary cruise passengers; they were spies, former spies and their admirers. Journalist and author Tom Mangold, was a passenger on the Spy Cruise, and made the BBC radio documentary “Ship of Spies” about the trip and the changing role of the CIA.


Tom Mangold

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Andrea Swalec

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steve from New York, NY

Porter Goss is universally recognized -- by serious right, center and left -- as the worst director of CIA in recent memory. He tried to pack CIA with cronies, not only to push dishonest analysis, but just financially corrpupt with payoffs for contracts. Honest deputies fled, even other Bush political appointees, as well as career folks. Anbody saying Porter Goss is a smashing guy, is a fool or evil.

Jan. 24 2011 09:01 AM

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