Assignment: The State of Your Refrigerator!

Monday, January 17, 2011 - 06:23 AM

In the run up to the president's State of the Union address, we're taking on a listener's idea to get the state of your union: Open up your refrigerator and show us the state of your refrigerator.

Take a photo or video and send us a snapshot of what's inside the fridge and what it says about your life. Is the fridge full? Is it bare? Why did you pick what's in there? Is there anything you're embarrassed about?

John from Brooklyn, Conn., showed us the state of his union by opening up his refrigerator (see video below).

If you don't have an iPhone, you can upload the image below with the description. You can also call our voice message line for the audio (so we can play it on the air) at 877-869-8253. Thanks!


John Kinghorn from Brooklyn, Conn:

Refrigerator photo
Michelle Rago, Yonkers, NY

We leave an entire shelf in our refrigerator for insulin. I have two children with diabetes, along with a foster child with diabetes. Some of the insulin is outdated, but we keep it in the event of an emergency. We spend $31,800 on insurance premiums and deductibles before we receive any coverage because my husband and I are self-employed. ($1700 x 12 in premiums; $5700 out-of-network deductible and $5700 in network deductible.) This is more than 4 times what we pay for our mortgage and a huge portion of our earnings. I tried to apply for a lower priced insurance plan under the new healthcare laws but was told that I am not eligible because I have insurance. The plan is for uninsured. We would be forced to go without insurance to benefit from the new laws. I am embarrassed about the half & half. It is not good to have all that fat in our diets, but fat free half & half is too expensive. For my husband and daughter who can't drink milk due to allergies, there is soy milk.

John from Manhattan

We just moved to Manhattan from Brooklyn. Our apartment is much smaller, as is our refrigerator. We try to eat simply, a lot of vegetables, rice and tofu. We also make sure we don't waste food, almost everything gets used. I guess we feel fortunate to have healthy food when so many people today don't.


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L. K. from Denver Colorado

I cannot provide you with a photograph of my refrigerator. It's contents consist of; a half gallon of milk, a dozen eggs, two slices of pizza, and a chunk of beef intended for our first meal in our new apartment after being homeless for about six weeks.
Unfortunately, the people I met during this traumatic experience are the same as you and me. Good people trying to keep it all together. This is the state of our union and it is a damned shame that a country so wealthy can allow good families to go through such tragedy. My daughter and I got lucky. We found the help we needed. Most families struggle longer. In light of that statement, the contents of my refrigerator is irrelevant.

Jan. 19 2011 09:39 AM

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