Poll: The to-do list for President-elect Barack Obama

Wednesday, November 05, 2008 - 08:06 AM


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He needs to learn whom Jiddu Krishnamurti was. He needs to read some of his words. Instead of a message of hope, getting people to act NOW and change within should be the message. I'm starting to think politicians and leaders truly don't care, because if they did their message would be different. They would seek to exploit and eradicate all divisions of humanity, subservient love to a particular religion or nation. To stop settling for hope and exploit the processes of time. There is no future, there is only the now. Past is gone. The future is now. We need serious change NOW or his talking will be for nothing. Do they realize this?

Jun. 04 2009 03:54 PM
Harry Martinian

I would hope that President-elect Obama would look to life skills that are teachable to our children and the population at large to tap and unfold the vast mental and moral potential of the individual. Let the President-elect and the nation discover the benefits of meditation. President-elect Obama has a daunting task ahead as does the nation. We all need a daily routine to mitigate the stress and strain that accumulates and threatens progress. Perhaps the antidote to our current economic crisis is not so much a stimulus package to-do more with but an technique that is taught to restore that intelligence which spontaneously allows us to be more by experiencing on a daily basis that reservoir within. Barack Obama asks us to believe, not just in his ability to bring about real change in Washington but to believe in ours. It will take more than belief alone. It will require that we have in our hands a tool to fathom the depth to become the heights.

Nov. 11 2008 10:02 PM

Barack Obama's prep for presidency should be just two tasks: Listen to The Who - "Won't Get Fooled Again" repeatedly until Jan 20th and read Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged at least twice before Jan 20th. He might get a clue that it's not the president's job to 'fix' the economy. Free Market Capitalism is the best and only way to go.

Nov. 11 2008 08:17 AM
Sue from Astoria

FIRST: Get ALL OF our money back from Carlyle Group, Halliburton and Blackwater. SECOND: Make Cheney retire to Afganistan until the war is over (and won?).

Nov. 09 2008 08:23 AM
Sue from Astoria

Please add to reading list: "Torture and the Twilight of Empire-Algeria to Baghdad" by Marnia Lazreg

Nov. 09 2008 08:17 AM

Suggested reading for President-Elect Barack Obama (and before he makes big moves about the economy)"The Shock Doctrine" by Naomi Klein.
We can't dig ourselves out of this economic hole we are in if we are perpetuating Milton Friedman's doctrines. Following those doctrines the world over has put us in the place we are in today, so that would be the wrong choice - no more economic advisers that come out of the Chicago School of Economics!

Nov. 08 2008 10:15 AM

Suggested reading for President-Elect Barack Obama...

First & Last Freedom, by
Jiddu Krishnamurti
(or any of his writings)

Nov. 07 2008 04:08 PM

Read Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland" to get an image of impending situations and characters that await him. Then read Dr. Seuss's "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" for encouragement to find the success that lies within himself.

Nov. 07 2008 11:25 AM

Listen to "I Am a Bird," by Antony & The Johnsons. Understand the pain Prop 8 homophobia causes gay and transpeople.

Nov. 07 2008 06:18 AM

Watch the first few seasons of the West Wing. They used Clinton staffers as consultants to portray the chaos and disorganization of his first 18 months. Don't make those same mistakes Mr. President-elect!

Nov. 06 2008 08:46 AM

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