Your Take on the Arizona Shooting

Monday, January 10, 2011 - 04:50 PM

What if any changes should be made to gun purchasing requirements? Here's what you've been telling us by text message. Sign up for texts by sending the word START to 69866.

There are so many fire arms currently in circulation that any further discussion of gun control may already be academic.
—Pontiac, Mich.

Rhetoric more dangerous than gun laws. Politicians should be careful.
— Wayne, NE

The gun lobby has too many members of commerce in their pockets to have this tragic event make any changes in the gun laws. Changing the gun laws is a lost cause in america. With all the folks in AZ carrying guns this tragedy still occurred!!
—Winchester, Mass.

—Hackensack, NJ

Aim the blame, take no shame.
—Enid, Okla.

How weird that she was a NRA supportter and was shot by a gun.
—Hackensack, NJ

No changes should be made. The responsibility for this horrific "shooting" falls on the shoulders of the parents!
—Providence, RI

People are smart enough to get around gun laws. By allowing people to own guns you open the possibility of a shooting like the one we saw. We have the second amendment, now we have to live with it.
—Jersey City, NJ

Follow NY's lead & make all unregistered handguns illegal. And make registration as stringent as NYC.
—New York, NY

Go ask the parents of the ten year old girl who was killed.
—Providence, RI


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Alvena from W KY

I have no problems with people having guns for hunting or protection, but frankly, when a person has a gun that shoots more than 10 shots in extremely rapid succession, the only thing they intend to hunt is people.

But there is a larger problem at hand: We have proliferated our society with movies and TV programs that show automatic weapons being used to kill people on a routine basis, which is largely presented as normal and justified. The good guys who do the shooting are frequently "action heroes", and pre-teens and teenage boys often see these as role models.
Further, we make automatic weapons relatively easily accessible, many don't lock guns up appropriately, and we don't adequately address the societal issues such as poverty that foster physical aggression. And we live with the results of our actions and inactions.

Jan. 11 2011 08:32 AM
Donna Perrotta

Hmmm. What's THIS gun sold for? A Glock whiich shoots 33 rounds....and as far as second amendment rights, this gun is to massacre people, not to protect oneself. This country has a long way to go to protect the rights of innocent people.

Jan. 11 2011 06:17 AM
Reggie G. from Brooklyn New York

The death of Christina Green is a great tragedy but all of america is responsible for it. We train our children to kill early on with game theory like "call of duty". As they grow we supplement this training by our aggressive foreign policy.By killing 500,000 Iraqi children,whole families in drone strikes,taking back our oil from underneath someone else's land or having our TV and political mentors advocate the assassination of Julian Assange we tell our children that american is good at killing and we do it well. We are gearing our children to be employed in this field.We glorify this behavior as truly american.We want our children to be trained as killers but killers we can control.The Luis Posada statement in the Monday NY Times article epitomizes this when he says "...the CIA taught us everything...they taught us explosives, how to kill, bomb...acts of sabotage..." Regardless of what we think Loughner looks like on the outside he is truly just what we made him to be on the inside.

Jan. 11 2011 05:27 AM

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