Video: Femi's Fab Five

Friday, December 19, 2008 - 12:26 PM

The Takeaway’s news anchor Femi Oke remembers the five top stories that made the team smile in 2008.

The Singing Ambassador: Producer Kent DePinto talks about booking the U.S. ambassador for Paraguay for his newly discovered singing talent.

Banjo brain surgery: Femi Oke talks about Eddie Adcock, the musician who played his banjo while having brain surgery.

Grease Is the Word: When producer Noel King found out that thieves were stealing grease from restaurants, she did some detective work to find a real Grease Detective.

Joking with Terrance McKnight: The Takeaway’s music contributor Terrance McKnight tells all about the moment when he suddenly lost the power of speech.

Milking a story: Newswriter Stephanie Hughes recalls her first day on the job and an unforgettable story about P.E.T.A. and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Trouble viewing the videos? Check out the YouTube version (click "watch in high quality" for best quality).


Jennifer Hsu and Femi Oke

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Mike R

Oh Takeaway,

How I was thrilled with the debate chats (especially since lkike amazing goddess writers would just show up asking questions. I spent 4 debates worth of chats to try and tell author k.b. how much i loved her work, and it finally happened on election night. Being a (huge) fan of Mr. Hockenberry, I was delighted that he mentioned my comment in the first hour of the first day's show...

so like when you gonna make the takeaway swag. My obama shirt will be passe by March, and a public radio shirrt exudes "I'm hip AND have a brain"...just sayin.

Happy holidays to the crazy wonderful crew and to all the people who've stuck with the show.

(hoping to find some way to have either my laptop or some other device automatically stream the show at 6 am so i dont need to wake up and try and figure out which stream works every weekday morning)

Mike R.

Dec. 20 2008 01:34 PM

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