Blizzards Bombard the East Coast

Monday, December 27, 2010

Traffic moves slowly through a snow storm along Interstate 95 December 26, 2010 in Westport, Connecticut. (Spencer Platt/Getty)

Snowstorms gave parts of the South a White Christmas, but for most of the East Coast, the blizzards only began on Sunday morning. North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland have all declared states of emergency. New York, Eastern Pennsylvania, and New Jersey suffered through white-out conditions yesterday, stifling travel the day after Christmas. This morning rail service up and down the coast has been canceled, along with thousands of flights, leaving huge numbers of travelers stranded.

In fact, much of the U.S. and Western Europe have already suffered through a spate of snowstorms this winter — and it's only December. Michael Allaby, author of the book series "Dangerous Weather," joins us to discuss the impact of blizzards across the country and the world.

Takeaway listener "Geoff" from N.Y.
A listener's photo of a daunting snow-clearing job at Manhattan's Lincoln Center in 2010.
Takeaway listener "Kat"
A shot of Windsor Terrace's snow drifts in Brooklyn, N.Y.
John Hockenberry
A view of Takeaway Host John Hockenberry's post in Red Hook, Brooklyn.
Heather Velez/WNYC
Stuck at JFK

Takeaway's Heather Velez, stuck at JFK Airport in N.Y., says: "Stuck at JFK since yesterday afternoon, remote possibility that there will be flights tonight."

David Ingram/WNYC
The Takeaway's David Ingram sends this photo of a snow-covered bike in N.Y.
Listener "Judith" sends this photo of family members shoveling in Millburn, N.J.
A listener in Lincoln, R.I., sends this photo of their dog after a romp in the back yard.
David Ingram/WNYC
A photo of the 77th Street No.6 Subway entrance in Manhattan.
John Hockenberry/WNYC
Host John Hockenberry sends another shot, of a frigid New York Harbor and the Statue of Liberty, from Red Hook, Brooklyn.
Takeaway listener Chris Gold, via The Takeaway's iPhone App.
A snow plow fights a losing battle in the middle of the blizzard on Rockaway Ave. in Brooklyn.


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Sal Iannello from NYC

My store of the blizzard of Dec. 26, 2010 starts exactly 63 years ago on Dec. 26, 1947. The blizzard that day dropped 26.4" of snow on the city and held the record until 2006 which beat it by only 1/2 ". My parents were visiting my grandfather in brooklyn for Christmas with another dozen or so relatives. My mother went into labor 2 wks. early, there was no help to be had. A policeman told my father to tie my mother to a chair and carry her to the hospital, that idea didn't go over well. So without any other choice my father and my aunt brought me into the world..Since I have a reputation for eating my mother's sister who would tell the story every year would say...."He smelled the lasagna and couldn't wait"

63 years later I still hear the story of my birth...

Dec. 29 2010 09:55 AM
Rebecca from Columbia, SC

My brother in law is terminally ill and we are afraid that this may be his last Christmas together. Our family celebrated Christmas together on Sunday and we all woke up (in South Carolina) to a white Christmas. We got to play together with his three year old daughter in the snow. We only had about 3 inches but it was our Christmas miracle!

Dec. 27 2010 09:35 AM

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