Remixing the Holidays: Christmas Memories with Natalie Cole

Friday, December 24, 2010

It’s the week before Christmas, and as usual, we’re celebrating with our annual “Remixing the Holidays” series. All week long, we’re talking with musicians, music lovers, writers, and you, our listeners, about the best songs of the season.

Our series wraps with nine-time Grammy winner Natalie Cole, who talks with us about her new Christmas special with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (taped last year, and airing tonight on PBS stations), her father's famous Christmas songs, family memories, and of course, her favorite seasonal music.



Natalie Cole

Produced by:

Kristen Meinzer

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And a Merry Christmas to you too, Judy Miller form SLC.

Way to stay on point.

It seems to me that the "Mormon Burr" in your saddle is perhaps leading you to self medicate.

Apparently it's time for you to move on and find some happiness in your own life.

As for your tired old myths about Mormons , they're just that, Myth's.

Now go and try to enjoy the rest of the Holidays....Sober!

Angel Clarence is waiting for you.

Dec. 27 2010 10:00 AM
Judy Miller from Salt Lake City

Please remember when talking about the Mormons, they were the force behind defeating Prop 8 in California, they have the highest birth rate in the country, the highest over the counter drug rate, takers of prosac, the teen/young 20s suicide rate, etc., etc., etc. AND we get to claim Orin Hatch. Not everything is at it appears in Utah. But, we have the greatest snow on earth (along with some of the dirtiest air along the Wasatch Front). Thank goodness for the Unitarians.

Dec. 24 2010 07:58 AM

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