Listeners' Personal Census Results

Wednesday, December 22, 2010 - 12:02 AM

2010 Census form (Quinn Dombrowski/flickr)

The first results from the 2010 census are out, charting 10 years of change. We asked our listeners: What was the biggest thing to change in your life in the past 10 years?

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Mark from Taunton, Masachusetts

In January 2000 I proposed to my then girlfriend, married her in March 2001, said good-bye to my father in 207, and had our first child in March 2010.

Dec. 22 2010 12:39 AM
Ruth K, in Tacoma, Washington

My income has been cut by more than half, i became caretaker of my 2 granddaughters for 2 years & i've been single for 10years!

Dec. 22 2010 12:07 AM
Listener in Salt Lake City

I went from an unhappy, tumultuous, cheating marriage, and divorce; to a wonderful and loving marriage that will be forever!

Dec. 22 2010 12:06 AM
Listener in Salt Lake City

Cell phones- I went from not needing one to not being able to function without my iPhone.

Dec. 22 2010 12:06 AM
Listener in Ramsey, NJ

My family... My brother got put in prison and im the only child my parents have around anymore.. Put a lot of pressure on me to be the ''good kid."

Dec. 22 2010 12:05 AM
Natasha, in Miami

I've lost touch with my family, got in touch with myself and have finally started to really enjoy living life. Now I just need to work on getting in to a better career and continuing my education.

Dec. 22 2010 12:04 AM
Listener from Mahopac, NY

I got sober 7 years ago. At Christmas time.

Dec. 22 2010 12:04 AM

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