Stephen Dorff on 'Somewhere'

Monday, December 27, 2010

Sofia Coppola, director of "Lost in Translation," "The Virgin Suicides" and "Marie Antionette," has a new film in theaters called "Somewhere." The film centers on a movie star named Johnny Marco (played by Stephen Dorff) who lives a wild, juvenile, nomadic life, often in hotels. His life is upended upon the arrival of his young daughter Cleo (played by Elle Fanning), who has spent most of her life living with her mother.

Stephen Dorff talks with us about his new film, working with Sofia Coppola and Elle Fanning, the nature of celebrity, and the strange world of child stars.


Stephen Dorff

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Kristen Meinzer

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Angel from Miami, FL

I saw this movie last week. I liked it. I did not tear up... it wasn't a sad story. The pace was good. It was like being on a vacation from other movies.

Jun. 27 2011 09:38 AM
Angel from Miami, FL

The promo looks good. I will probably good see it. The matinee will likely be empty so no one will see me tear up. Looks like it might make me tear up a bit.

Dec. 27 2010 09:45 AM

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